Christianity and the coming pansexual regime: basic points

  1. The Bible prohibits homosexual conduct and warns people to flee the temptations that lead to it.
  2. Christians who say otherwise are ignorant and deceived, or lying.
  3. As the coming pansexual regime increases pressure on Christians, there will be an increase in deceivers and deceived. It is basic economics. When Jerusalem looks suicidal, then thirty pieces of silver look more attractive. (So I guess the Bible does have something to say about men kissing each other!)
  4. The prohibition on homosexuality cannot be waved away by a hipster gesture toward prohibitions on “shell fish” or the permissibility of polygamy at some times in Biblical history. Monogamy is the ideal from Genesis to Revelation and homosexual conduct is condemned for Jews and Gentiles in the Hebrew Scriptures, and for Christians in the Greek Scriptures–temporary ritual laws don’t make that any less clear to any literate person who cares about the truth.
  5. Marriage is between a man and a woman. People who were homosexual have married before and still legally can. They typically have cooperated in finding homosexual partners for each other. What has never happened, is that homosexual persons have married partners of their own sex. This has never happened because it is impossible, like a four-sided triangle. You can call a piece of paper a “marriage license” but that is just a fiction. The state can no more “legalize gay marriage” than it can legalize unicorns.
  6. The state did not create marriage. Marriage existed before the state. What it is doing now, in trying to pass off new “marriages” is comparable to what the state has done with money. It found a working form of social cooperation and debased it.
  7. “Homosexual marriage” is war on human society. It is a rejection of any “libertarian” truce between people who engage in homosexual conduct and people who do not approve of homosexual conduct. It is a demand for censorship, and the outlawing of religions that don’t serve the coming pansexual regime.
  8. It is unclear if the pansexual left is a drive toward the Totalitarian State, or a tool of it. The recent Western Classics on totalitarian dystopias have all shown the State degrading and obliterating the family. Recent push back by the Pansexual Left (like Margaret Atwood’s The Handmade Tale) have not been as convincing. So I don’t know if the Totalitarian State is a byproduct of and necessary to protect the Pansexual Left, or if the desires of the Pansexual Left are being used by the sake of the Totalitarian state for the purpose of consolidating power. Not sure how much it matters.
  9. When one looks at the complete lack of sexual fidelity expected in these so-called “marriages,” it becomes clear that the new pressures of the Pansexual Left is simply following up on past victories. No fault divorce means the state has ceased to recognize marriage at all. We’ve had nothing more than societal custom and church government preserving marriage for quite some time.

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