Jacob done right and doing right by Jacob

As you may or may not know, in my opinion, rehabilitating Jacob is really important to getting a better grasp of the message of the Bible. See for example:

WHAT DOES GOD NAME HIS PEOPLE? Genesis 32 (vv. 22-32) | “once more, with feeling”.

Also, Mike Mason at the SAET blog has begun a series on Jacob that I comment to you. So far there are three entries:

The most slandered man in Christendom

“Jacob was a _____ man”

“Thus, Jacob swindled his brother…”

Jacob is not supposed to be a negative example. And, in my opinion, a church culture that judges him will tend to be attracted to self-righteousness and elitism. I have no idea which is cause and which effect.

But we should stop being “friends” to Jacob on the level of the ones that tried to “comfort” Job.


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